Friday, October 9, 2009

Submission Guidelines and New Features

If you've pulled off a fantastic day with a small budget, please consider submitting your wedding to be profiled. Since small is a relative term, there is no specific budget cutoff. It's expected that even the most economical reception for 500 will cost more than one for 10 or 20.

If you'd like to submit your wedding, simply email me (the link is on my profile page) with the details of your wedding and some photos (attachments are fine, as are links to sites like Flickr) you'll allow me to reproduce on the site. I'd love to hear what you loved about your wedding, as well as any money-saving measures you used. Feel free to include your budget, but don't feel pressured to do so.

I obviously can't pay for submissions (I know of no wedding bloggers who do), but you will be doing a public service by showing off your big day. You'll be inspiring and encouraging couples who might be hard pressed to find your kind of inspiration and encouragement elsewhere.

Now, on to other business. I've decided to add a couple of new features to the blog. In addition to posting wedding profiles, I'll be happy to spend some time on the blog responding to reader email, and I'll also be taking a little time each week to discuss in depth the pros and cons of different money saving ideas. [Edit 02/26/10: Clearly, I have not managed to do this. I will update the blog on occasion, but since I'm not aware of a readership, I'm not pushing myself to do so on any regular timetable.] What should you be aware of if you're thinking of cutting out professional photography? What are your options when serving alcohol?

These articles will largely be judgment free. I'll simply take an issue and try to explore it thoroughly. I won't presume that something is better because it is more inexpensive, and I won't presume that something is unacceptable because it might be considered tacky by others.

I believe that the only things genuinely tacky in the world of weddings are things that are rude. Making your guests write their own thank-you notes at your shower? Tacky. Unconventional choice of colors or materials? Not tacky. Sometimes these articles might deal with what could be considered tacky, but only when I'm using tacky as a synonym for rude.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and please, remember to submit and/or encourage others to do so! Thanks!

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