Friday, April 8, 2011

Exciting News?

A (fairly) local floral and event planning company is hiring event coordinator/operators and would like me to come in for an interview.

I would love the opportunity to learn the business, because one day I would like to open a small wedding and reception venue designed to be both attractive and affordable to all couples.

The company is willing to train, so I think the biggest issues I'll face in getting the job will be some previously planned commitments (two weeks' worth) right at the height of wedding season.

I was originally also worried that my outspoken support of the use of faux flowers (this is a floral and event planning company, after all) would be a problem, but I see from the company website that the business also specializes in silk flower arrangements. Yes! An events company that meets its customers' needs instead of trying to convince its customers to need limited offerings. That is something I can get excited about!

Update (04/09/11): What a load of garbage that was! Essentially, the woman was looking for someone to do all the work of organizing and coordinating a trade show for no base pay, only commission. And, she was unwilling to invest anything. Even the caterer and the venue were expected to donate their services for the free advertising. Her justification? "Why would I pay someone to sit there and make phone calls?" (Um, because they'd be making phone calls for you?)