Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sage and Jon's Beautiful Winter Solstice Wedding

While browsing Flickr, I came across this gorgeous 2002 Winter Solstice wedding. I contacted the lovely Sage, and she generously agreed to let me profile it here on True to You [Edit 12/30/09: now Really Sweet].

Sage tells me that at first she tried to be "one of those blushing brides with the huge weddings and the fancy dinners," but that planning that kind of wedding just didn't feel right. She and Jon, her husband, gave themselves a month to plan the wedding and it was the right decision for them.

I love the bride's holly wreath:

Sage and her husband are avid readers, and they got married in their library. They chose a passage from The Prophet as their reading. So beautiful.

I love the bridal ensemble, the way it's both traditional and nontraditional at the very same time. And the groom's suit is really sharp:
Jon, Sage, and "That Guy That Married Us"

And this is just amazingly sweet:
Sage and Jon

Sage says that she's really frugal, and continues, ". . . my wedding was no different. My husband's wedding suit is now used for all weddings and funerals - the flowers were plastic instead of real, so our house is beautifully decorated every winter."

Perhaps the coolest thing about this wedding was how Sage and Jon handled their reception. They had a small guest list for the actual ceremony, but hosted an all-day open house. I cannot express how dazzled I am by that idea.

A big thanks to Sage for letting me profile the wedding! Any of you readers who have gotten married at home (your own or the home of someone else) might want to check out the Flickr group Sage moderates. It has lots of gorgeous photos.

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