Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I Loved about the Wedding of William and Catherine

You loved the royal wedding? But it was - it was - it was - expensive!

Yeah, but you know what? Given the expectations, it had to be. But the look itself can be mimicked on a budget, almost any budget, and that is what I loved about the wedding.

Stunningly beautiful yet simply designed dress? Take your pick of thrift, discount, outlet, or department stores.

Tousled greenery behind the alter? Whether greenery is bought, borrowed, grown, or a combination - time and coordination will be bigger issues here than money. After all, very few of us will need the large arrangements seen in Westminster Abbey.

Trees down the aisle? Get ready for a trip to the nursery!

The future (now current) Duchess of Cambridge also did her own hair and makeup. What a seriously classy example to others she is.

I also love that the couple personalized their ceremony, but in ways that would not be offensive to their guests. They had a hand in writing the prayer, and Prince William had a best man - not traditional for a royal wedding. Traditionally, he would have had an older, married mentor stand beside him; instead, he had his brother.

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